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    “Finding Celebration Church was a Godsend. I knew I was at home as soon as I walked in. Since finding and calling Celebration home, things in my life have been getting better and better. I’ve begun to find my purpose in my life and being rooted in a church has been the foundation for all of this to happen-” Click HERE to read more!
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    Justin and Presley

    “Our relationships with God has expanded beyond what I could have ever imagined. We have grown as individuals and learned to put God at the center of our marriage. We both look forward to church on Sunday and our groups every week. Everyone is so welcoming and we’ve already created many amazing friendships.-” Click HERE to read more!
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    “For me personally, being able to serve with such a loving and dedicated church family is an honor. There is a joy that comes with being a part of something bigger than myself; of making an impact like shock waves through our community!-” Click HERE to read more!
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    The Cole's Family

    “While raising a child with special needs that is full of life and another child that takes the step aside from his brother, we as parents live in a divided parenting world. When we step into the doors of Celebration Church, we feel the love and encouragement from God. It has changed our family and forever we will be grateful for Celebration and the love and acceptance of our church family!” Click HERE to read more!

At Celebration we are always interested in hearing your story in how God has impacted YOU at Celebration Church. Fill out the form below to join in the many people who have Shared their Story in what it means to them to Serve and be a part of Celebration Church.