Our hope is that through these resources, you feel equipped and empowered during this years 21 days of prayer and fasting.


Fasting looks different to each and every person. No matter what age or season of life, we encourage you to seek God for what he would ask you to fast during this time! For some ideas on areas to fast, what fasting means, and more check our fasting guide!


The Awakening book was written by our global senior pastor, Stovall Weems. In it you will be able to find devotional for each day of the fast and daily prayer points to help you focus on aligning your heart with God’s in specific areas. You can purchase the book in the lobby on Sunday morning, or at the link below.


Prayer and fasting is powerful no matter what age! With our cKids prayer and fasting guide, we hope you feel equipped and empowered to lead your family well during this Awakening season.